Topaz UNO Plus – $7,599*
Topaz Race Plus – $8,199*
Topaz Race X – $9,449*
Topaz Tres – $12,699*

R2 – With mainsail halyard

Topaz UNO Plus R2 – $8,375*
Topaz Race Plus R2- $8,975*
Topaz Race X R2 – $10,199*

Internationally award-winning design. BEST Dinghy SAIL Magazine.

“The Topaz is a landmark design offering the perfect combination of simplicity and thrills.”
Yachts & Yachting

It’s probably the most versatile small sailboat ever!
• Versatile choice of rig options. From beginner to club racer.
• Ideal for young solo beginners to gain confidence.
• Space for two crew.
• Can be set up with one sail or a main and jib.
• Choice of Dacron or Mylar sail.
• Exceptionally stable.
• Easy to handle.
• Very robust, maintenance-free TRILAM construction
• ISAF ”Learn to Sail” Class

The TOPAZ SYSTEM comes with a choice of rig options so the boat can be set up to suit you. The TOPAZ SYSTEM hull comfortably holds two people of any size so it can be sailed singlehanded or as a two-person dinghy.

The TOPAZ “UNO PLUS” is the most popular rig option and one of our best sellers. The UNO PLUS offers excellent value as a simple one or two-person boat. It is easy to handle and very robust. This rig option provides a great introduction to sailing and is an ideal multi-purpose family dinghy.

The TOPAZ “RACE PLUS” rig offers extra performance using a more powerful 6.9m2 fully-battened Mylar mainsail.

The TOPAZ ”RACE X” rig is for more experienced sailors and features the addition of a 9.0m2 asymmetric gennaker. The Yachts and Yachting test concludes that the Race X will deliver “seriously fast sailing for the club sailor right through to a professional sailor. The asymmetric system is simple, easy to use and rig and takes the boat to another level only found in boats costing twice the retail price”.

The TOPAZ “TRES” rig offers a great introduction to trapeze and asymmetric sailing. The Yachts and Yachting test states, “Once the kite is up, the Tres fairly shoots away. Reaching performance is truly in the apparent wind sailing league”.

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 TOPAZ UNO TOPAZ Race TOPAZ Race X TOPAZ Tres
Length 12′ 8″ / 3.86m 12′ 8″ / 3.86m 12′ 8″ / 3.86m 12′ 8″ / 3.86m
Beam 4′ 9″ / 1.45m 4′ 9″ / 1.45m 4′ 9″ / 1.45m 4′ 9″ / 1.45m
Crew 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2
Hull weight 132lbs / 60kg 132lbs / 60kg 132lbs / 60kg 132lbs / 60kg
Construction Topaz TRILAM Topaz TRILAM Topaz TRILAM Topaz TRILAM
Sail Area ex gennaker 7.39m2 8.68m2 8.68m2 8.75m2
Main 5.64m2 6.93m2 6.93m2 6.62m2
Jib 1.75m2 1.75m2 1.75m2 2.13m2
Gennaker 8.41m2 8.41m2
Trapeze Yes
Level Beginner-Intermediate Intermediate-Racer Intermediate-Racer Advanced-Racer
PY 1255 1240 1200 1200
Colour TRILAM white hull with light grey fleck effect

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