WWS – $3,750*

“Exceptionally simple, safe and stable”.

A great introduction for very young sailors. It can be sailed singlehanded by very young sailors but also has a comfortable capacity for two children.
• Ideal for very young solo beginners to gain confidence.
• Space for two crew.
• Exceptionally safe and stable.
• Easy to handle.
• Very robust, maintenance-free TRILAM construction.

The WWS has a deceptively spacious cockpit capacity. She can be sailed singlehanded by very young sailors but also has a comfortable capacity for two children to sail together.

The unrivalled Topaz TRILAM construction produces a supremely durable hull with high levels of buoyancy. At just 40kg, the hull is also impressively lightweight, making the boat manageable, afloat and ashore, even for young children.

Everything on the WWS is aimed at the young sailor on the water and ashore. The WWS is a very simple sailboat that is instantly accessible for total novices as young as six.

She is reassuringly stable and straightforward to sail. The WWS also rows easily; the positions for the rowlocks are already moulded in.

On shore, the boat is straightforward and quick to rig. The light hull weight is also a benefit on land, and the boat is easily carried by its gunwale.

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 WWS
Length 7′ 10″ / 2.39m
Beam 4′ / 1.21m
Crew Capacity 1-2
Hull Weight 86lbs / 39kg
Construction Topaz TRILAM
Sail Area 3.35m2
Level Novice

SAIL COLOURS Dacron mainsail in white.

• 40kg Topaz TRILAM construction hull is light, stiff and highly durable.
• The thwart, centreboard case and buoyancy tanks are connected to ensure ultimate stiffness.
• The bottom is reinforced with three ribs for extra stiffness and to help protect against wear and tear.
• A rubber stop at the back of the centreboard case prevents damage to the centreboard when running aground.
• A central eye in the bow makes for easy towing.
• Moulded-in stainless steel rods fasten mainsheet block and toe straps.
• The WWS is self-bailing via two holes in the transom that rubber balls seal. This also enables you to rinse the boat out quickly.
• The WWS is supplied with an easy-to-use sleeved sail for total beginners or a simple racing sail for more skilled young sailors.

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