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New –  Includes Mylar main and all rigging.  BONUS, Practic dolly, top cover, spar and foil bag included.

Only 1 available


$7,500 CAD $4,500 CAD
ILCA / LASER – Carbon

New –  2022 ILCA/Laser.  Carbon upper mast and a carbon tiller + extension.

One each – ILCA 7/Laser Standard and ILCA 6/Laser Radial available. 

$10,900 CAD $1,975 CAD

RS Aero 9

Used – Bought in 2021 and traded in for a Topaz Argo in 2022.  This Aero was sailed only three or four times. 

Includes dolly, top cover, mast, daggerboard and rudder bags.

New with tax this boat would be $19,900 CAD.  This is an excellent opportunity to get a nearly new boat at substantial savings.

Private sale, no tax.

$15,500 CAD $4,500 CAD

Demo – RS21

Parallel 45’s own demo boat.  It is equipped with two sets of sail; North One Design Mylar Main and jib, Hyde Dacron Club Main and Jib, North 40m2 gennaker, ePropulsion drive system, keel crane, cover and cradle. The boat had been professionally maintained.  It was stored indoors when not in the water. North Main and Jib are in O.K. condition, Hyde sails are in excellent condition, gennaker has not been used since 2020 and is good/excellent condition. 

New: $70,300 as equipped

Demo: $45,300

  Please see additional photos taken Oct 9, 2022 

$45,300 CAD $25,000 CAD