Maverick 5.00 – $6,950.00*
Maverick 6.25 – $7,650*

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 Maverick 4-In-1 – Dinghy, Stand-UP Sailing, Paddle Board & Windsurfer!

New from Topper for 2021. Italian-designed and British-built, the Maverick is the ultimate water sports board!  SUP, Stand-Up Sailing (SUS), Sail or Windsurf – All conditions are perfect for the Maverick!  Maverick is not just a new concept of the dinghy, it is a windsurfer and when there is no wind a SUP.

Great for families that are tight for space!  Don’t crowd your cottage with water toys; get the Maverick!  Easy to store and easy to move!  The Maverick is an ideal addition to sailing clubs that offer various on-the-water activities, the same for hotels and resorts!  Great carry-along for larger boats for yachts.

Maverick 4-In-1 Features


Skill Level Beginner-Advanced
Hull Length 3.35m / Width: 1.3m
Hull Weight 43kg
Capacity 1 – 2 Sailors
Hull Polyethylene – Triple Foam Sandwich
Mainsail 5m2 / 6.25m2 Dacron
Maverick 5.0 Complete with Junior/Reefing Rig $6,950.00
Maverick 6.25 Complete with Adult/Battened Rig $7,650.00
Windsurf Package Includes Mast, Wishbone boom, sail and foils $1,565.00
SUP Package Includes fin, safety strap, paddle $395.00
Transportation Dolly Maverick Lightweight Aluminum Dolly $729.00
Top Cover Maverick Top Cover (PVC) $269.00

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