Maverick 5.00 – $6,950.00*
Maverick 6.25 – $7,650*

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 Maverick 4-In-1 – Dinghy, Stand-UP Sailing, Paddle Board & Windsurfer!

New from Topper for 2021. Italian designed and British built, the Maverick is the ultimate water sport board!  SUP, Stand-Up Sailing (SUS), Sail or Windsurf – All conditions are perfect for the Maverick!  Maverick is not just a new concept of the dinghy, it is a windsurfer and when there is no wind a SUP.

Great for families that are tight for space!  Don’t crowd your cottage with water toys, get the Maverick!  Easy to store and easy to move!  The Maverick is an ideal addition to sailing clubs wishing to offer a variety of on the water activities, same for hotels and resorts!  Great carry along for larger boats for yachts.

Maverick 4-In-1 Features

Skill Level Beginner-Advanced
Hull Length 3.35m / Width: 1.3m
Hull Weight 43kg
Capacity 1 – 2 Sailors
Hull Polyethylene – Triple Foam Sandwich
Mainsail 5m2 / 6.25m2 Dacron
Maverick 5.0 Complete with Junior/Reefing Rig $6,950.00
Maverick 6.25 Complete with Adult/Battened Rig $7,650.00
Windsurf Package Includes Mast, Wishbone boom, sail and foils $1,565.00
SUP Package Includes fin, safety strap, paddle $395.00
Transportation Dolly Maverick Lightweight Aluminum Dolly $729.00
Top Cover Maverick Top Cover (PVC) $269.00

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*Prices do not include taxes or delivery. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please confirm pricing before ordering.