Topper Sailboats have nearly 40 years of experience in thermoplastic engineering. The company has won the Design Council Award for ‘Outstanding Product Design’ and has been awarded the prestigious Horners Award for ‘Innovation in plastics Design and Manufacture’. So, it is safe to say that, Topper have a unique and unrivalled understanding of the production of injection moulded and rota-moulded sailboats. And this ‘know-how’ has enabled Topper to produce superior hulls that are lighter, stiffer and stronger than anything else around.

Topper work closely with a small team of designers including some of the worlds top sailors and marine suppliers to ensure that our product designs have an unrivalled sailing pedigree. The Topper Sailboat range has been awarded numerous international boat design awards in recent years which is testament to the hard work, dedication and attention to detail of this small group of talented individuals.