Prices have gone down!

Down trend Euro currencyDue to the Canada-European Trade Agreement (CETA), duties have been removed on sailboats.  This is excellent news as Toppers boats are made in the United Kingdom which is covered by CETA.

This represents a SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS.  Here are some sample savings on some of our most popular models:

Before CETA Now
Europti  $3,456.08 $2,799
Taz Club $3,949.00 $3,499
Topper Club $5,760.13 $4,999
Uno Plus  $6,253.85 $5,599
Race X $7,899.60 $6,999
Argo Sport $14,482.60 $12,799
Omega Sport $16,622.08 $14,699

2017 prices are still in effect for a limited time.  Don’t miss these great savings, call now!