Topper Topaz Awards

What We Do

Topper Sailboats Canada are the Canadian distributor of the Topper/Topaz line of boats from Topper International Ltd.   TOPPER is a UK manufacturer of sailing dinghies and catamarans that has received global recognition for its market leading production techniques and product design.

TOPPER Sailboats are most famous for the production of the iconic Topper sailing dinghy that shares the companies name. Approximately 50,000 Topper dinghies have been produced and sold by Topper Sailboats worldwide since it’s launch nearly 40 years ago. This huge success story gives the Topper Sailboats brand a rich heritage and a proven track record that is hard to match.

TOPPER Sailboats also manufacture an ultra-modern range of multiple-Award winning sailing dinghies and catamarans under the Topaz™ brandname. The Topaz™ branding refers to the unrivalled trilaminated Metalicene™ hull construction of the range. Included in the Topaz range are the original TOPAZ System, and her younger siblings the Topaz TAZ, Topaz VIBE, Topaz XENON, Topaz OMEGA and Topaz ARGO dinghies, as well as the Topaz 12, Topaz 14 and Topaz 16 catamarans.


Topper boats are sailed throughout the world, with sales growing each year. The entire range is renowned for it’s high build quality, fastidious attention to detail and the incredible value for money that they represent. Topper are now represented in over 50 countries across the globe, a glowing testament to Topper’s clever and innovative design philosophy. With nearly 40 years in thermoplastic boat building technology and construction no one has more experience.

The Topaz Range benefits from the very latest thinking in hydrodynamic hulls and rig technology. The design team includes luminaries such as Rob White, Ian Howlett and Yves Loday whose cvs include Olympic successes and the design of several America’s Cup yachts including Prada.

The entire range all represent; unrivalled construction quality, superb boat design and fast, fun & forgiving performance. Topper Sailboats appeal to beginners and experienced racers alike, because all of the boats have impeccable handling and offer exciting levels of controllable performance. This is why Topper International has such a popular following amongst schools and clubs as well as families that are in the know.


Topper Sailboats have nearly 40 years of experience in thermoplastic engineering. The company has won the Design Council Award for ‘Outstanding Product Design’ and has been awarded the prestigious Horners Award for ‘Innovation in plastics Design and Manufacture’. So, it is safe to say that, Topper have a unique and unrivalled understanding of the production of injection moulded and rota-moulded sailboats. And this ‘know-how’ has enabled Topper to produce superior hulls that are lighter, stiffer and stronger than anything else around.

Topper work closely with a small team of designers including some of the worlds top sailors and marine suppliers to ensure that our product designs have an unrivalled sailing pedigree. The Topper Sailboat range has been awarded numerous international boat design awards in recent years which is testament to the hard work, dedication and attention to detail of this small group of talented individuals.